Windows Phone 8 to come with cool features such as Data Sense and Kids Corner


Microsoft keeps announcing some sweet new features for Windows Phone 8. During the Windows Phone 8 launch event on October 29th, Microsoft revealed a new feature called Data Sense as well as Kids Corner. Pretty cool features for this new operating system!

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Kids Corner is a new feature for Windows Phone 8 that acts like a pacifier for mobile-addicted kids. The new “kids corner” feature partitions a kid safe environment on a parent’s Windows Phone 8. Basically, it prevents a kid from messing around with the parent’s social media accounts among other things. Another feature that will come with Windows Phone 8 is Data Sense, which Microsoft claims this feature will allow for 45% more web browsing on the same data consumption. “As you get close to your monthly limit Data Sense can automatically adjust the way that the phone behaves so that you won’t go over,” Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore stated.