Windows Phone 8.1 users unable to use the Store due to error 80070020, but changing the date works around it

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Numerous reports are cropping up of Windows Phone 8.1 users, Microsoft’s now end-of-life mobile operating system, have been unable to make use of the Windows Store to download apps since yesterday. People are taking to Reddit as well as Microsoft’s support forums to complain.

Has the Windows Store 8.1 been Discontinued? from windowsphone

Despite Windows Phone 8.1 reaching the end of mainstream support, users continue to use the operating system. Microsoft previously stated that services, such as the Store, would continue to function normally for at least 12 months after support ends, which means it should have another 6 months in it yet.

Users experiencing this issue receive error code 80070020, which normally describes an issue with the system date/time being incorrect, however this appears not to be the issue this time around. Regardless, some users have found that changing the date to 3rd December, 2017, resolves the issue, but of course leaves the user with a phone showing an incorrect date.

Windows 10 Mobile is unaffected by this issue.

Microsoft has not commented on the issue as yet.

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