Windows Phone 7.8 update roll out begins January 31st, says Windows Phone Columbia

Well, it’s been a weekend full of Windows Phone 7.8 rumours hasn’t it? We first heard details from O2, Telestra and other reports claiming the same thing, 7.8 will be rolling out at the end of the month. Today, it seems this information has been confirmed, as Windows Phone Columbia posted something to their Facebook page saying that the 7.8 update will begin rolling out to some devices, others will see the update hit later in Q1 2013.

“As of January 31 and during the first quarter of 2013 some phones with Windows Phone 7.5 will be receiving 7.8 update” stated the Facebook post.

As this news comes from Windows Phone Columbia, we can only assume the details provided are correct. The worrying thing about this however is the fact that not all devices will get the update on January 31st, other devices will receive it later in Q1 2013, which means more waiting for some unlucky WP7 owners.

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