Windows Phone 7.8 features leaked by Microsoft

We already know that Windows Phone 7.8 will include a new Start Screen, but that’s about it. Today, Microsoft Italy on Facebook accidentally leaked details about the 7.8 update, revealing that it will include new features such as Rooms, calendar sharing and more!

The post also said that the Windows Phone 7.8 update was set to launch just after the release of Windows Phone 8 devices, which means the 7.8 update is expected to roll out quite soon. Also mentioned was Xbox Music, saying that your Xbox Music library will be accessible via the Zune app, so it seems 7.8 won’t get the full Xbox Music and Video apps.

We’re not too sure if this is all that we’ll see in the update, one can only hope we’ll see more. What are you thoughts on this? Are you happy with the new features in 7.8?

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