Windows Phone 7.5 marketing strategy is getting Mangofied


Microsoft and its mobile partners are planning to join an effort to help promote Windows Phone 7.5 in the mobile market share against Apple iOS and Google Android.

Two consensuses among tech reviews are Microsoft Windows Phone 7.0, although with some initial shortcomings, was a pretty solid first release mobile OS but the marketing strategy for the OS, for the most part, was lackluster. The software giant, with the release of its latest mobile operation system iteration, codenamed mango, has addressed most, if not, all the initial shortcomings but more importantly; Microsoft is also joining effort with its handset marker partners to keep the marketing strategy in par with the new well-improved OS.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Andy Lee, the president of Windows Phone, indicated Microsoft and its handset makers are joining effort to do a better job at marketing the latest Windows Phone 7.5. With new handsets due very soon, Samsung and HTC, are financially committing with Microsoft to promote Windows Phone 7.5 and increase unit sale, which has been notably low in part with subpar marketing strategy but not due the quality of the mobile operation system.

This joint effort is Microsoft latest attempt to solidify windows phone a viable 3rd mobile platform in a mobile market that is already and heavily by dominated Android and iOS operation systems. Still, windows phone 7.5, in terms of overall quality, is in par with the other mobile operations due to its social and gaming integration, easy-to-use interface and the overall user experience.