Windows Phone 7 ‘Mango’ update floating around?


With the recent release of Windows Phone 7 update ‘NoDo’, rumors are circulating about the next major update ‘Mango’ and its existence on the internet.

As WMPoweruser reports, a group, calling themselves ‘The Dark Force Team’ has been seen in a video showing off ‘NoDo’ on a HTC HD2. Well, thats all fine and dandy, until we see something in the video that makes us wonder if we are seeing the next major update to Windows Phone 7 titled ‘Mango’.

In the video, we see a search button that is not available in ‘NoDo’. Hopefully, this search button will make it easier to find your apps when you have a million apps installed on your phone. ‘Mango’ is set to introduce Internet Explorer 9, multi-tasking, and other entertainment-focused enhancements.

You be the judge. Look for the search button at the 2:45 mark: