The Windows PC ClickPad finally improved? Synaptics ClickPad IS Series 3 preview

You’ll find a common complaint throughout most of our Windows laptop / netbook reviews. Nope, it doesn’t have to do with CPU performance, boot times, or graphics prowess; it revolves around touchpads, and notably those that have integrated buttons within the pad itself – what have come to be known as ClickPads. While we usually point fingers (oh yes, pun intended!) at the laptop manufacturers responsible for choosing the wonky pads (eh hem, HP and Dell), Synaptics – the maker of those ClickPads – is the one behind the technology. Aware of the finicky multitouch gestures and jumping cursors, Synaptics has been hard at work on its next generation ClickPad IS Series 3, which will be hitting laptops sometime early next year. So, will the new image sensing and ClickEQ technology that’s been baked into the new pads finally solve all our complaints and let us put away the laptop mice? Hit the break to find out…

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