Windows Mobile Marketplace to shut down on May 9, after 2 years of service

After two full years of serving apps to the ever aging Windows Mobile device, Microsoft is finally planning to pull the plug on the old marketplace. The marketplace is expected to go dark on May 9 this year, so grab the updates that you can before it’s too late!

TechCrunch is reporting that, after 2 years of service, Microsoft is planning to pull the plug on the Windows Mobile marketplace. The Windows Mobile marketplace is not the Windows Phone 7 marketplace, it’s the older marketplace for Windows Mobile, not Windows Phone.

Windows Mobile is the mobile cell phone Microsoft made before Windows Phone. Windows Mobile setup mobile operating systems for what they are today, so it will be sad to see the marketplace go.

It is possible to still download apps from the marketplace today, but hurry, because after May 9, your apps will no longer get updated, and apps cannot be downloaded. Your phone will be on it’s own.

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