Windows Mixed Reality support might be coming to Chrome -
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Windows Mixed Reality support might be coming to Chrome

While hell hasn't fully frozen over, it's definitely getting chilly as tensions between Microsoft and Google have softened to a point where Chrome developers are coming around to support the testing of the Windows Mixed Reality platform in Chrome.

9to5 Google is reporting that "a new Chromium commit shows us that WebVR support for Windows Mixed Reality headsets in Chrome is on the way with a new flag to enable it."

As far as the nitty gritty details are concerned, it seems that this 'flag' is something that has to be built into Chrome/Chromium from its source code, meaning that while support is coming, it still needs to be implemented in Chromium browsers.

Without any other Windows Mixed Reality codes mentioned, 9to5 Google isn't expecting to see people using Chrome with their Windows-powered MR headsets anytime soon.

Furthermore, the new Windows Mixed Reality support flag in Chromium may be another acknowledgment of Microsoft's new Chromium-based browsing development direction.

Interestingly enough, as the company moves from EdgeHTML development to the open source Chromium project, it would make sense to port over support for its Mixed Reality browsing experiences which could mean Microsoft may actually be the company leading the charge on this, presumably, co-development project.

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