Windows Maps for Windows 10 snags lane guidance and more in latest update

Email Twitter: @shuttlecock Dec 14th, 2015 inNews

Windows Maps has just updated on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile and has added several new features such as lane guidance in turn-by-turn navigation and the ability for users to pin their Work and Home locations to Start which will allow one-tap directions to these two locations from wherever they are.

To help get Windows Map users into the Christmas spirit, a special feature allowing for the tracking of Santa Claus has been added, however this feature is only available in specific regions and is strangely absent over here in Australia where we very much celebrate Christmas and share America’s passion for tracking ol’ Kris Kringle (who is totally real).

Another new addition to the Windows Maps app with this update is the new Cameras option which actually streams live footage from select traffic cameras. This feature appears to be limited to North American users and even then only in some select locations.

Will this update encourage you to use Windows Maps more or do you prefer another app such as HERE Maps? Let us know in the comments below.

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