Windows Insider sad face – no new Fast Ring builds for 19H1 until at least next Tuesday

Kip Kniskern

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Although Microsoft was hoping to get a new build out to Fast Ring insiders testing Windows 10 1903/19H1 today (Friday), it’s not going to happen. And since Monday is the President’s Day holiday in the US, there won’t be a new build until at least Tuesday:

Yesterday, Microsoft released a new Skip Ahead build, throwing a bit of a curve ball by releasing the build as part of the 20H1 release cycle, even though no 19H2 builds have even been released yet. Citing the need for a “longer lead time” with some features coming in 20H1, the new Skip Ahead release left a lot of Windows Insiders scratching their heads, as skipping a whole release cycle has never been done before (we have some speculation on what might be going on, but the waters are murky).

However, in one bit of good news heading in to the holiday weekend, the aforementioned 20H1 Skip Ahead build (18336) got a couple of new additions (and one subtraction):

  • The issue impacting Creative X-Fi sound cards has been fixed. It’s not fixed.
  • [ADDED 2/15] We added the ability for users to access Linux files in a WSL distro from Windows. These files can be accessed through the command line, and also Windows apps, like File Explorer, VSCode, etc. can interact with these files. Access your files by navigating to \\wsl$\<distro_name>, or see a list of running distributions by navigating to \\wsl$.
  • [ADDED 2/15] We improved the capabilities of the wsl.exe command line interface, by adding new features such as importing and exporting distros and consolidating existing features from wslconfig.exe, such as listing distros and setting defaults.

Anyway, enjoy the weekend, we’ll be watching the wires for any new developments early next week.