The Windows Insider Program hits 1 million registrants — Windows 10 feedback aplenty

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The Windows Insider Program hits 1 million registrants -- Windows 10 Feedback aplenty

The Windows 10 Technical Preview launch was small, it wasn’t even live streamed, but a brand new version of Windows can never be described as small. Even if it’s just a preview, and especially when it jumps an entire version number.

Launched as part of the Windows Insider Program that is designed to give people first-hand experience with the latest and greatest version of the OS, the Windows 10 Technical Preview has been met with much fanfare. With new features such as improved multi-tasking with multiple desktops, enhanced Snap mode and the return of the Start Menu, Windows 10 is shaping up to becoming a major OS upgrade, and we haven’t even officially heard about Cortana integration yet.

Microsoft have taken to the Windows Blog today to share a few details about the state of the Windows Insider Program with the biggest piece of news being that 1 million registrants have signed up. But whether that means 1 million people have also downloaded Windows 10 is another matter. Regardless, the software giant has also noted that they are now receiving 200,000 pieces of “user-initiated feedback” and there’s no debating that number; a lot of people are actively helping Microsoft improve Windows 10.

The Windows Insider Program hits 1 million registrants -- Windows 10 Feedback aplenty

Based on the company’s stats, more people (63% to be exact) also happen to be running Windows 10 either as a primary OS or as part of a dual-boot configuration compared to the rest who have taken the safer route and used a virtual machine. Microsoft states that this gives them confidence in the program that people are using the Technical Preview on a regular basis rather than just trying it out for a few minutes on a VM never to be touched again. This also means that people are regularly using applications on Windows 10, averaging about 7 apps/day in fact, and giving Microsoft greater insight into the different usability cases of the OS.

Feedback is greatly emphasized as the company notes how the team behind Windows 10 are “poring through all the feedback, categorizing and processing it, and cycling it back into our development”, and you can get involved too if you haven’t been already. There are several ways to get your idea or suggestion heard; using the Windows Feedback app that built into the Technical Preview, sounding off in the Technical Preview forum, or using the Windows Suggestion Box on UserVoice. This is your opportunity while Windows is still early in development to actually make a difference, so we highly encourage you to get involved and help make Windows 10 the best version of Windows yet.

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