Windows Insider preview 15235 snags some fixes for Mobile

Kareem Anderson

Lumia 950 running Windows 10 Mobile in Tokyo, Japan

Unfortunately, Windows 10 Mobile is still in maintenance mode which means owners will most likely continue to see a disproportionate amount of fixes to new features come their way. On that note, the Windows team has released Insider preview build 15235 to users and it brings a nice little list of improvements and fixes to devices.

Here is what has been changed, fixed and improved upon in Insider preview 15235 for Mobile:

  • This build also includes all the improvements from KB4025342.
  • We fixed an issue where downloading large apps could report out of disk space when there is sufficient space available.
  • We fixed an issue where installing apps (particularly games) from the Windows Store would sometimes fail with “Error, see details”.
  • We fixed an issue where a device could not be unlocked after removing/turning off Windows Hello.
  • We fixed an issue where Cortana would not provide the region when saying “Your region is set to” and then “Is that right?”.
  • We fixed a Turkish localization issue where the string “We need to fix your Microsoft account before you can use shared experiences …” was shown in English.

Along with the list of fixes comes a small warning for know issues with the preview mainly centered around the evolution of the platforms Continuum feature.

There is a problem with the HP Elite X3 with wired docks where the portrait orientation setting is lost when the external display is disconnected and reconnected. A workaround for this is to reboot the phone after tapping the “OK” button instead of disconnecting and reconnecting. This workaround must be performed every time you connect to an external display you want to use with Continuum in portrait orientation.

If you’ve been looking for the Windows team to fix some long standing issues you’ve had with the platform devoid of app development, it seems now is your time. The Windows team is slowly but surely patching up the holes in Windows 10 Mobile for now. Hopefully, that Windows on ARM testing comes with new hardware soon for the faithful Windows 10 Mobile users.