Windows Insider PM posts "Guide to RS3," a compilation of Fall Creators Update features

Alright, are you ready to read? Like, a lot? Because we have access to a pretty massive amount of new features coming in the Fall Creators Update, and we've finally got a list where they're all compiled. Usually for something like this we'd copy-paste the changelog, but we're actually looking at a 51 page document here.

Here's a list of some of the highlights, for those who want a taste:

  • Copy and Ask Cortana
  • Updated emojis
  • Enhanced text prediction
  • Shape writing
  • Scrolling with pen
  • Improved game settings
  • Revert VM
  • Braille/Narrator improvements

This is a helpful resource for people who install the Fall update and aren't quite sure what they just put into their computer. While so much of this consists of little things, it amounts to a significant update full of meaningful accessibility updates, and a better quality-of-life overall for so many different nooks and crannies of Windows 10 as a whole.


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