Windows Information Protection will bring even stronger security to Windows 10 via Anniversary Update -
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Windows Information Protection will bring even stronger security to Windows 10 via Anniversary Update

Some of the most passionate discussions going on in technology journalism right now are on how new and old software and hardware handles personal security as well as privacy. While the privacy debate has often resulted in an exercise contemplating the futility of social engineering, there are definitely processes companies can put in place to secure customer date and information.

In Windows 10, Microsoft is looking to boost its efforts to secure customer information with its aptly titled, Windows Information Protection.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update continues to make big investments across our key pillars of security, which include identity protection, threat resistance, and information protection.”

In a lengthy blog post from the Windows for ITPros site, guest author Chris Hallum walks us through all the details regarding the new Windows Information Protection tool being added to the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update next month.

Much of Windows Information Protection centers around how Windows Bitlocker works in conjunction with Windows Information Protection (WIP).

On mobile devices, there are many MDMs that require users to switch modes or even apps to protect data. For example, with some solutions, users can’t use Outlook, and instead they need to use an MDM email client that is optimized for securing data and only provides basic email capabilities. In the case of Knox, users have to switch modes to securely work on business data, as Android needs to physically isolate business data within a container to keep it secure from other apps and Android itself.

For the desktop, there are solutions that are better integrated into Windows, but few customers use them as they’re expensive, complex to maintain, and still introduce an undesirable level of friction for users.

The challenge with these solutions is that they can’t provide the ideal user experience unless they’re integrated into the platform itself. Microsoft is in a position to make that happen — which is exactly what we’ve done with Windows Information Protection (WIP).”

Other details from the blog include examples on how an ITPro can deploy and apply (WIP)to their network as well as merging it with existing Azure Rights Management and Office 365 accounts.

Check out some of our earlier stories on WIP or visit the blog for more information on Windows Information Protection before the Anniversary Update releases early next month.

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