Windows Experts Community Launched

Many of our readers might be familiar with the Windows Media Center enthusiast site, The Green Button. The site provided a place for users to combine their knowledge to extend and personalize Windows Media Center. Now, Microsoft has expanded on the idea with the launch of the Windows Experts Community.

The Green Button was limited to just Windows Media Center however the Windows Experts Community caters to the diverse range of Windows and Windows Live products. The Windows Experts Community is essentially a collection of online forums designed for knowledgeable experts in the field.

Microsoft is also launching a community driven wiki allowing users to post and edit articles related to "how they’ve set-up their PCs, created scenarios, or established their own best practices." This expands on the enterprise-driven wiki already available on TechNet.

By providing a place for Windows enthusiasts to collate their knowledge, Microsoft is hoping to directly stimulate enthusiasm for the platform. With smartphones and tablets getting much of the limelight these days, desktops and laptops seem to have been mostly relegated to the status quo and are in need of a kick-start to bring back the kind of excitement seen in the past.

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