Windows Developer Program for IoT gradually starts to roll out, hundreds of kits to ship each week

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Windows developer program for iot gradually starts to roll out, hundreds of kits to ship each week

During Build 2014, Microsoft demonstrated a version of Windows running on the Intel Galileo board, a hardware development board that contains a Quark CPU and a number of hardware device interfaces. The company subsequently opened up the sign-up page for the developer kit and developer preview program. The company is set to roll out hundreds of kits each week this summer to fulfill that promise.

"I’m pleased to share that we’ve begun rolling out a new Windows Developer Program for IoT. Through this program we are introducing a new Windows Developer for IoT Portal, with documentation and examples to support the developer kits we are starting to ship in small batches. These developer kits include a Galileo board and preview Windows image that supports the standard Arduino Wiring API set and a subset of Win32 API. This Windows image does not yet support Galileo boards outside of our program," Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

IoT, for those that did not know, stands for Internet of Things, which aims to bring Windows to a new class of small devices. This preview program is rolling out gradually and a couple of hundred kits each week will be shipped off this summer. Meanwhile, Microsoft plans to add more templates and guidelines to the developer portal. 

Microsoft says they have seen an "overwhelming amount of interest" in Windows for IoT. Because of that, the company wont be able to ship the kit to everyone who signs up. Microsoft plans to continue sharing new resources and updates with app program participants, regardless if you received a kit or not.

You can check out the Windows Developer Portal for IoT by heading over to the VIA link below.

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