Windows Blue features a few new settings for mobile devices, including the Surface

WinBeta Windows Blue

With the recent leak of Windows Blue build 9364, those who own a Microsoft Surface Pro device are probably wondering what sort of "new" features are going to be available for them. Well have no fear, we went ahead and scoured the leaked build to see what sort of changes or features Microsoft is working on for those who are on a touch device.

The modern Control Panel now features organized categories and one of them is the Display category. In Display, users can now adjust the Power/Sleep settings for their device. You can easily adjust when the screen will turn off and when the computer will sleep. This isn't really a new feature but a feature that was modernized.

There is also a Display tab that lets you identify your displays and adjust the resolutions of those displays. You can even adjust the screen orientation, whether you want it on landscape or portrait mode. Users can even connect to a wireless display. Another feature that really isn't new but simply modernized.

Another cool feature for those on mobile devices is the ability to see modern App sizes. Under the Apps category in the modern Control Panel, users can see the installed apps and how much storage space they take on the device. You can even see how much storage space is available. This feature is neat for those on the Surface Pro, as well as other mobile devices running Windows.

These are just a few changes that are seen in this early leaked build of Windows Blue and we expect more features to be added and more tweaks to create a more optimized mobile experience for those on a Surface Pro, or any other Windows powered touch-enabled device.

WinBeta Windows Blue
WinBeta Windows Blue

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