Windows 8.1 codename Windows Blue build 9369 screenshots leaked

Windows Blue

New screenshots of what appear to be build 9369 of Windows Blue, which we recently learned was Windows 8.1, have leaked onto the internet. These screenshots come right after a screenshot of build 9375 appeared onto the internet showcasing the term “Windows 8.1 Pro.”

Windows Blue build 9369 was spotted in the wild today after a few more screenshots, including the setup.exe which contained a valid digital signature, appeared on the internet. The date, showing that it was compiled after 9364 (the build currently leaked), makes it seem quite plausible that it is infact a real Windows build. However, everything must be taken with a grain of salt these days.

Unlike the leaked photo of 9375, this build does not make mention to the name “Windows 8.1”, but that is probably because it is an earlier build. This build contains Internet Explorer 11, for those curious. The full build tag is 6.3.9369.0.fbl_partner_out14.130324-1300 (x64). In the third screenshot below, you will see the WinVer, along with what appears to be a custom theme (anyone know what theme that is?)

No word on what sort of improvements or changes this build contains compared to the leaked build of Windows Blue. Stay tuned for more information as this develops. In the meantime, enjoy the two screenshots!

Windows Blue build 9369

Windows Blue build 9369

Windows Blue build 9369

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