Windows 9 (Threshold) will feature a Start menu that embraces the theme of your desktop

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Windows 9 (Threshold) will feature a Start menu that embraces the theme of your desktop

Windows 9 has been reported to come with a Start menu. But this is no simple port of the Windows 7 Start menu, Microsoft has taken the opportunity to provide real improvements.

A new leak shows the Start menu changing colors based on the color scheme of the applied wallpaper. It also seems as if the taskbar retains the same color scheme. These minor features lead to a deeper integration of themes in Windows, and guide a more consistent look.

It reminds me of Unity, the desktop of Ubuntu, which changes its theme of its navigation bar as you change the background. (The UI is, however, vastly different).

One of the problems that is evident in the leak is that not all colors will look good. However, no need to worry yet as there is no reason to believe that Microsoft took out the current functionality to change theme color independent of the wallpaper. Also, I look forward to seeing the theme integration with the desktop and Modern UI environments.

One last thing to remember is that these are just initial builds. Not only is it subject to change, your feedback may be able to drive the changes Microsoft makes before releasing the final version. 

Windows 9 Start Menu

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