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Windows 9 to be free for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users?

Windows 8.0

We reported on Friday about a number of different things coming in Windows 9 (Threshold), the next major version of Windows which is pegged for launch sometime in 2015. We talked about the desktop, and how Microsoft is set to remove it for certain devices whilst improving it for PC's and laptops dramatically. Today, more sources have jumped on the bandwagon, revealing even more information such as the pricing of Windows 9.

According to ZDNet, Microsoft is thinking about making Windows 9 free for not only Windows 8 and Windows 8.x users, but Windows 7 users too. Microsoft is in the mindset of getting Windows 7 users to upgrade, and making the next big release free for them is a definite nudge for users still using the 5 year old operating system.

We're currently unsure of an actual price for Windows 9, but an upgrade offer of $0.00 is pretty cool for us. We assume Windows 9 will follow similar pricing trends as previous versions of Windows, being $100 for the standard version and $199 for the pro version. This is if SKU's don't change, so don't keep your hopes up because we're hearing that they will be. Dramatically.

We've got more Windows 9 news for you in the coming weeks, in which we will dive deeper into Microsofts plans. Until then though, we will leave you with a little teaser. Windows 9 will be for desktop users, the Modern UI is no longer a main focus. Windows 9 will be everything Windows 7 users want it to be.

So, if Windows 9 is free, would you consider upgrading? Leave us your thoughts below.

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