Windows 8’s Tablet Shell logon screen revealed

More news coming from the Windows 8 front as this time evidence pours out revealing the existence of a tile-based tablet UI in Windows 8.

As Geeksmack reports, Windows 8 will sport a secondary tile-based UI that will support tablet devices. This will allow for proper and smoother interaction. Along with the alternate UI, there are also reports of an “App Store” that will be a part of Windows 8.

Apparently, the logon screen for this new alternate tile-based UI has been leaked. From what we see in the screenshot, the login screen is Metro-inspired and showcases the date, day of the week, and a power management icon. Rumors are floating around about a “pattern unlock” feature, somewhat similar to Android’s pattern unlock, and its integration with this lock screen. All these features are a part of Windows 8 and could possibly be the tablet UI or Tablet version of Windows 8.

Just yesterday, a few new screenshots and the M3 wallpaper were leaked to the public.

Here are the screenshots courtesy of Geeksmack:

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