Windows 8’s Internet Explorer Immersive UI

With Windows 8, Microsoft intends to provide a dual interface design to cater to the growing use of touch-based devices such as tablets. Although we have yet to see actual screenshots of the Immersive UI, we are being provided a glimpse of Microsoft’s approach with a new Immersive version of Internet Explorer.

As reported by Within Windows, the Immersive version of IE follows similar design characteristics to IE Mobile but utilizes the more advanced IE9 renderer. The app currently operates at a fixed resolution of 640×480 although Within Windows believes this is most likely due to it running outside of the native full-screen Immersive environment. While the app seems to be far from complete, basic browsing and tabs are usable within the current version.

Microsoft has been largely criticized for not providing a viable alternative to Android and iOS in the new slate tablet environment. Although Windows 7 does provide many tablet features, it was never designed to be used within a touch-only environment. Many expect Windows 8’s Immersive interface to overcome these limitations while still providing enhanced functionality and features over its competitors.

The screenshot below comes via Within Windows:

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