Windows 8.1 Pro Preview x86 build 9379 screenshots leak onto the internet

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Windows 8.1 Pro Preview x86 build 9379

It’s been an interesting few weeks as of late, with two leaks of Windows 8.1 just one week apart. Now it appears that screenshots of a new Windows 8.1 Pro Preview build have made its way onto the internet. This time, its build 9379 x86.

No word yet on exactly what’s new in this build, compared to the two previous leaks. This build string in this leak is 9379.fbl_partner_out16.130410-0711.f82c9451f09b84d4 and have a compile date of 04/10/13. If we hear anything new about this build, we will gladly reported it so stay tuned!

Recently, we saw the leak of Windows 8.1 build 9374 which featured a very buggy Kiosk mode. Some of the new features we noticed in the previous leaked build was the dimming of app tiles when you customize the Start Screen, the Search Charm no longer taking up the entire screen, and other little minor tweaks.

Windows 8.1 is also set to bring back the Start button, rather than the Start menu, after consumer complaints were rumored to have influenced Microsoft Executives. These Executives overruled the Windows Division when it came to bringing back the Start button.

And no, we will not be providing any download links for the build, if it does leak. Sorry.

This post has been updated to reflect that only screenshots have leaked and not the build. Stay tuned.
Thanks to @MonsieurSe7en for the tip!

Windows 8.1 Pro Preview x86 build 9379

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