Windows 8.1 Pro Preview build 9388 out in the wild, 55 days until Build 2013

Windows Blue 9388

It's been a hectic few weeks due to several leaked build of Windows Blue, Microsoft's upcoming update for Windows 8. Yet another build is rumored to be in the wild. This time, we are seeing Windows 8.1 Pro Preview build 9388 floating around in screenshots.

Just yesterday, Windows 8.1 Pro Preview build 9385 leaked onto the internet, giving us a glimpse at Assigned Access and other various tweaks across the operating system. Just one day later, we are seeing a new build pop up in screenshots, potentially floating around the internet. For those who enjoy keeping track of pre-release Windows builds, this new build is 9388 and is only a few days old.

While it is currently unknown exactly what's new in build 9388, we do know that this build was compiled on April 29th, making it only a few days old. Build 9385 was compiled on the 15th of April. It would only make sense for this build to contain bug fixes, as Build 2013 is almost here.

Build 2013 takes place in 55 days from June 26th to June 28th in San Francisco, California. Microsoft is expected to showcase a preview build of Windows 8.1 during the event. A highly sought after feature, the Start button, is expected to make its return in Windows 8.1.

Update: Its being said that this build is possibly a fake, but we have yet to confirm that. So keep it in mind.

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