Windows 8.1 Preview website launched, list of new features also available

Windows 8.1 Preview

As we patiently await for the preview build of Windows 8.1 to be released on June 26th, Microsoft has already put up the website that showcases most if not all of the new features and enhancements to the operating system update.

The preview website showcases information for Windows 8.1 Enterprise, indicating that this update will be perfect for businesses who have been uneasy and slow to make the move to Windows 8. "Windows 8.1 brings together everything you do – from new mobile apps for your business, to Office productivity work, to searching and browsing, to accessing all your data from anywhere," the website states.

Microsoft has also launched a new article that goes over "what's new in Windows 8.1" offering readers a rundown of the newest features and enhancements to the operating system. For example, Microsoft lists enhancements made to those who are not on a touch computer: "Improvements have been made to better support users who prefer a mouse and keyboard experience to access applications." According to Microsoft, this list isn't necessarily complete but showcases most of the new features and enhancements we will see.

We recommend you head over to to check out the list of new features. June 26th is rapidly approaching and we will be on top of the Windows 8.1 coverage, so stay tuned!

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