Windows 8 market share continues to drop, Windows 7 still on top

Windows 8 market share continues to drop, Windows 7 still on top

The web analytics firm NetMarketShare has released its latest set of numbers for the month of January, which aren’t as bad as December. The firm made a blunder with December’s figures, reporting a dramatic fall in Windows 8 market share as well as Internet explorer. The numbers didn’t make a lot of sense, and a day later the company released revised figures for the operating system.

The numbers in January doesn’t appear to be as misleading as December, but they are still declining for Windows 8/8.1. According to the new figures, Windows 8.1 is residing at 10.04 percent, a rise of 0.55 percent. As for the older version of Microsoft’s tile-based operating system, Windows 8, it’s currently running on a mere 3.79 percent, falling from 4.24 percent when compared to last month. 

Windows 7 continues to lead the charts, despite a decline of almost 0.3 percentage points, with a 55.92 percent market share, followed by the decade old Windows XP, which is still running on 18.93 percent devices. It sees an improvement of almost 0.67 percent, which is twice as more than Windows 8/8.1. 

Overall, the figures were just OK, and didn’t came with any interesting bits and pieces, but there won’t be any if you ask me, at least until the launch of Windows 10 which is expected to happen later this year. Microsoft did announce Windows 10 operating system last month which aims to offer a unified experience among Microsoft products, and cover the things Windows 8 didn’t take care of. Last month, Microsoft took their time to showcase Windows 10, not just for the desktops, but for phones as well — and yes, there’s Cortana for desktop as well. Let’s hope Windows 10 wouldn’t be as bad as Windows 8.x, and would address the issues Windows 8 failed to take care of.

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