Windows 8.1 gets an official release date, coming October 18th

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Windows 8.1

Microsoft has today confirmed via it’s official Windows Blog that Windows 8.1 will be hitting stores on October 18 2013. This news comes just after recent rumors which claimed Windows 8.1 would launch sometime in October. Windows 8.1 will be free for users running Windows 8 as an upgrade. Those who upgrade via the Windows Store will be getting it a day early, which means Windows 8 users will be able to grab the update on October 17.

In related news, it appears Windows 8.1 is almost ready for RTM. According to Neowin, August 23rd is the final testing date for Windows 8.1, which means RTM is expected days after. This means OEM’s will have almost 2 months to load Windows 8.1 onto new hardware for launch in October.

Windows 8.1 is launching almost a year after the launch of Windows 8. Critics are claiming Windows 8.1 as what Windows 8 should have been given it had a few more months of development time.

So, there you have it, Windows 8.1 is coming in October. However we are yet to hear anything official regarding RTM, but we already know that it will be signed off this month.

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