Windows 8.1 supports up to 9 Start Screen rows instead of 6

Windows 8. 1 supports up to 9 start screen rows instead of 6 - onmsft. Com - june 3, 2013

At this years TechEd conference, Microsoft have been demoing development builds of Windows 8.1. The demos have revealed a few interesting tid-bits we hadn't known before now.

A device which was shown at the conference was running at a resolution of 3840x2560. What's interesting is that the Start Screen correctly adjusted itself to support the high resolution, by adding more rows to accommodate the space.

We have known for a while now that Windows 8.1 will support higher resolution displays, and this device confirms that the Start Screen will be able to adjust itself with rows higher than 6, which is what Windows 8 offers at maximum. This is good news for those who are using Windows 8 with a resolution which is above 1920x1080, anything higher than that in Windows 8 and the Start Screen becomes very empty.

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