Windows 8.1 build 9477 spotted in the wild as we inch closer to RTM

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Windows 8.1 build 9477

We are officially 60 days until the release of Windows 8.1, but that wont stop builds from being spotted in the wild. According to a leaked screenshot pictured above, Windows 8.1 build 9477 has been spotted and it seems to be a partner build as we inch closer to the operating system being released to manufacturers.

In the screenshot, which you can see above, clearly indicates build 9477 for those of you who like to keep track of build numbers. It appears that this build was compiled on the 3rd of August, which is consistent with the recent spotting of build 9478. An RTM escrow build of 9484 was also spotted recently, being compiled on the 12th of August.

So there you have it. Microsoft has been making quite a bit of progress as of late and it is only a matter of time before we see Windows 8.1 hit RTM. Recently, build 9471 leaked onto the internet, being the latest leaked build of Windows 8.1.

Microsoft recently revealed that Windows 8.1 would be hitting stores on October 18, 2013. Those who wish to upgrade via the Windows Store can snag the update one day early. Windows 8.1 is an update and not an upgrade, and it will be free for users running Windows 8.

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