Windows 8.1 (Windows Blue) build 9374 spotted in the wild, two more months until Build 2013

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A new Windows 8.1 build has been sparking talks for the past week, causing speculation on whether it was real or fake. In the past few hours, it had been confirmed that the build is real.

A new photo of Windows 8.1 build 9374 was shown on a popular Polish forum “WinForum” almost a week ago sparking criticism on whether it was real or fake. Just a few hours ago, it was confirmed real due to a leak of the boot.wim and system32 contents. Since the build has no way of being run, all that can be looked at are the compilation dates and the file versions, but it is known that there is a new SKU dubbed “8.1 Pro Preview”. Could Microsoft be on its next phase of Windows 8.1 development?

For those curious, the build string is 6.3.9374.0 (fbl_partner_out15.130329-2355) with a build date of 03/29/2013.

Windows Blue build 9364 was leaked on March 24th of this year and more screenshots of Windows Blue were subsequently leaked, showcasing an SKU of “Windows 8.1 Pro.” Eventually, it was confirmed that Windows 8.1 would be the name for Windows Blue.

During the announcement for Build 2013, Microsoft made reference to the infamous ‘Blue’, which is the first direct reference to the upcoming platform update we have seen or heard from the software giant. Microsoft is rumored to be releasing a public preview build of Windows Blue during the event. Build takes place June 26th to June 28th, so we are a little over two months away!

Stay tuned as we keep you updated on any Windows Blue news.

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