Windows 8.1 Pro Preview build 9374 leaks onto the web


Another leak! We have another leak! This time it's Windows 8.1 build 9374, our first leak which actually calls itself Windows 8.1. So far, it is unknown what changes this build includes, but we do know it dubs itself as the Windows 8.1 Pro Preview.

The leak comes from the same guys who leaked build 9369, the only difference this time is that this leak is a newer build and is a 32bit ISO. We are yet to confirm this leak as real, but many who are already testing the build are saying that the leak is indeed legitimate. As per usual, we will not be linking to any download links. Posting download links in the comments is also strictly prohibited.

Again, it is unknown what new features this build includes, if any. There isn't a huge jump between 9369 and 9374, so it's possible that this build won't see anything astonishingly new, keep your fingers crossed though!

Check back at WinBeta for more on this new leak!

Update: You can check out a video walk through of the leaked build. In this build, we get our first glimpse of Kiosk mode!

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