Windows 8.1 apps worth checking out: Gamestreams and writr Beta

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Windows 8.1 apps worth checking out: Gamestreams and writr Beta

The Windows Store is growing and is currently home to over 145,000 apps. In today's Windows Store app highlight post, we are going to showcase two apps, emailed to us by their respective developers.

Let's start with Gamestreams. This app is the unofficial app for Windows 8.1, and offers the ability to watch streams of most popular games on and view those streams in high quality. The app is free and has over 360 reviews, with the majority of them being five-star reviews.

"Gamestreams is the unofficial client for Windows 8.1. Gamestreams is not affiliated with in any way and is made by fans who love Twitch. We wanted a native Windows 8 app so we can watch Twitch on our devices. Since that wasn't available we made our own. Current version supports viewing streams of top viewed games, searching for streams and games, chat, follow streams and snapped view," the app description reads.

Windows 8.1 apps worth checking out: Gamestreams and writr Beta

On the other hand, we have writr. This app is relatively new to the Windows Store and is touted as a revolutionary digital journal that focuses on personal growth. "This is a journal like no other. It talks to you, asks you questions and challenges you to evoke self-analysis. Keeping a journal is hard work. The blank page can be daunting, so writr breaks down this barrier and allows you to express yourself with ease. No matter where you are or what you're doing, writr will help you to discover your identity, understand your values and reflect on life's milestones," the app description reads.

The app is free and provides a gorgeous calendar, bookmarking feature, and much more so you can keep track of your life in this journal. Here are the key features of this app:

  • A revolutionary digital journal that focuses on personal growth.
  • Daily questions encourage reflection and self-analysis with each entry.
  • Gorgeous calendar providing a seamless, intuitive experience.
  • Bookmarking allows you to never forget those important growth milestones.
  • Add Tags to posts for context and easy access.
  • Share select snippets to your social media channels with ease.

"writr is extremely simple application. Our vision behind writ is to enable people build a better life. We are achieving this through prompting people to explore 7 key areas of focus in life, reflect on them, and experience personal growth. We have just embarked on our journey and we have a long way to go as we seek to form a community," writr's CEO and Founder, Vivek Sharma, stated in an email to WinBeta.

Hit the download links below to snag the apps. Let us know if you like them! If you are an app developer, contact us and let us know about your app!

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