Windows 8.1 apps worth checking out: Asterix MegaSlap, RAM, and Monsters Discovery

Windows 8.1 apps worth checking out: Asterix MegaSlap, RAM, and Monsters Discovery

The weekend is here and it is now time for us to highlight some cool apps worth checking out for those of you on Windows 8.1. In todays app highlight, we will showcase three gaming app for your entertainment pleasure. 

Asterix MegaSlap – “Today is a holiday among the Gauls. The whole village is getting together to celebrate the Festival of Punches. The aim is simple: send the Romans as far away as possible to achieve victory. The winner will receive a kiss from the beautiful Panacea. Travel through the most symbolic countries from the adventures of Asterix, from the Gaul village to Egypt via the Compendium Roman camp, Lutetia and, of course, Rome…and not forgetting the pirates, by Jove! On his journey your Roman will encounter some of the cult characters from the comic series, not only Obelix and Dogmatix, but also the pirates, Normans and Roman patrols,” the app description reads.

This app, which runs for $2.99, is a fun game for Windows 8.1 that’s based on the Asterix comic series. The goal of this game is very simple. You are in full control of the power and angle of a slap and your goal is to send the Roman solder flying as far as possible. You can also test drive the app before purchasing it.

RAM – “RAM is a fast paced 3D Puzzle Game starring a plucky little robot in his fight to keep his old server running, and avoid the fate of his friends. RAM must put processing cores into the correct sockets as fast a possible to keep his programs running, while avoiding pitfalls, viruses and more. Help RAM avoid his final shutdown!” the app description reads.

RAM is a free 3D puzzle game for Windows 8.1 that pits you as “RAM” and requires you to solve puzzles to keep the computer running. You must avoid dangerous viruses that roam around and you must complete levels in order to progress through the game. So far the game features 1 chapter, which features 25 levels. More levels will be added in a future update to the app. 

Monsters Discovery – “In this drawing game you have to help Johnny Brush to discover new monsters species inside the strange worlds that you encounter during this adventure. There are 5 sections and more than 50 monsters pictures to draw in less than a minute. If you pass a level with more than 70% accuracy you unlock the next monster and gain coins. You can also unlock additional bonus monsters if you color to perfection. With coins you can buy tricks or traps, special items that can help or annoy you during the game,” the app description reads.

This app is a cool drawing game that is suitable for kids of all ages and features a 60 second time limit to color each monster. Unlike the other two apps mentioned above, this app is compatible on Windows RT.

Hit the download links below to snag these apps. Let us know if you like them!

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