Windows 8.1 to allow users to select the Apps List as Start Button home?

Windows 8 App List

More information regarding Windows 8.1 has appeared online today, revealing a few interesting details about the alleged Start Button and boot-to-desktop functionality returning. Mary Jo Foley has stated that Microsoft are planning to re-introduce the Start Button, with an option which will take you directly to the Apps List instead of the Start Screen in Windows 8.1.

The Apps List in Windows 8 is very much like the Windows 7 Start Menu, except it's full screen. The Apps List does exactly what you think it does, lists apps. In Windows 8.1, there have been tweaks to the Apps List that allows you to search for apps directly from the list, as well as list apps by 'most used' or 'last installed'.

This means Start Menu-like functionality may be returning. Having the option to boot-to-desktop as well as have the Start Button list Apps by default will be a huge change for those who don't like the Start Screen. Of course, the Start Screen will still be available in Windows 8.1, as it too will see a few updates.

Along with the new tile sizes, the Start Screen is said to allow users to select the same background the desktop uses. This would make the change from the desktop to the Start Screen a little less 'huge' for average users.

Those who have been asking what the Start Button looks like in Windows 8.1, don't expect anything too fancy. Mary Jo Foley's sources claim that the Start Button looks like the Windows 8 logo, or like the Start Button currently available in the Charms section in Windows 8.

These changes, along with many others we expect to see should make those who have been putting off Windows 8 give it another try. Are you happy with these new changes? Leave your thoughts below!

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