Windows 8’s Windows Explorer Ribbon UI Revealed

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Apr 2nd, 2011 inNews

Yesterday was yet another flurry of activity related to Windows 8 material and screenshots. We saw screenshots of the login screen as well as info related to a tile-based tablet UI. Today, news is coming out that Microsoft intends to use a Ribbon based user interface, originally developed for Office 2007, in Windows Explorer.

As Within Windows reports, the Ribbon looks to replace the menu and toolbar currently used in Windows 7’s Explorer. This will allow for quick access to basic features and functions of folders as well as dynamic features when viewing specific types of files or folders, including but not limited to Library Tools, Picture Tools, and Disk Tools. Like Office 2010, the Windows Explorer Ribbon also includes an expanded File Menu. Users can also choose to hide the Ribbon.

Although work is far from complete on the Windows Explorer Ribbon, Microsoft seems to be merging many of the features of its various products in order to create a streamlined and consistent user interface. This should allow for greater ease of use and familiarity within Microsoft’s diverse line of products.

The screenshots below comes via Within Windows where you can view additional screenshots of the Ribbon interface.

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