Windows 8 window captions receive small overhaul in latest development builds

Some small improvements to windows in Windows 8 have appeared online today, the window captions have received a small overhaul. The Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons have been more ‘flattened’ and made a little more bland, and it looks pretty good when it comes to metro.

New screenshots of new development builds of Windows 8 have appeared online today, this time revealing a small overhaul of the window captions. It isn’t a huge change, the colors have been made ‘flatter’ and are more metro-fied. This change is expected to launch with the Release Candidate.

Recent screenshots suggested that Microsoft were Metrofying the Ribbon UI, and the new window captions are more or less here to compliment that.

What do you think about the new window captions? Do you like them? Have they not changed enough for you? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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