Windows 8 will allow employees to bring their own devices to work

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During CeBIT 2012, Microsoft used the trade show to position Windows 8 as a tool for CIO's to not only satisfy the user expectations of bringing your own device to work and having mobility, but also business requirements around security and manageability.

Windows 8 will allow employees to bring their own devices to work - onmsft. Com - march 10, 2012

"Windows 8 will deliver no compromise experiences on a range of devices from tablets and PCs to desktops. It will give people functionality they love and the enterprise-grade capabilities that IT departments demand. We encourage IT professionals to begin using it to get a firsthand experience of how Windows 8 will give people a beautiful, fast and fluid experience with the mobility and familiarity they need to effortlessly move between what they want to do and what they need to do," Microsoft stated during a keynote at CeBIT 2012.

Microsoft believes that Windows 8 should bridge the gap between those wanting to bring their own device to work and maintaining security. Windows 8 is an "evolutionary solution" to Windows users that not only delivers business productivity, but also helps IT manage and secure new devices using their existing infrastructure and tools.

When it comes to bringing your own device, such as a tablet, to work, Microsoft touts its new Windows To Go feature in Windows 8 as the solution to many businesses fear of security. Windows To Go allows a corporate Windows 8 environment to be downloaded onto a USB drive and protected via Bitlocker for security. According to Microsoft, if the USB gets disconnected for some reason, the system will freeze and Windows will allow you 60 seconds to plug the USB back in. Once the 60 seconds are up, the system will shut down leaving no footprint from the corporate version of Windows 8. Pretty cool feature. Those that obviously benefit from this feature are contractors that use their own device for work purposes, those who work from home, and employees that bring in their own devices to work.

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