Windows 8 Test Bed application now available for Android, brings a fast experience

A few months earlier Splashtop released a Windows 8 testbed program for iPad which allows the developer who owns an iPad to use their iPad as a testbed for their Windows 8 application.

Now the company has came up with the Windows 8 Metro Testbed app for Android. With this app, the developers who own an Android device, can try out their Metro styled apps on their Android device itself without having the need of a Windows 8 tablet device. Though this app would also require a streamer program just like its iOS counterpart to be run on a Windows 8 Release Preview based machine. The developers can also try out Windows 8 gestures such as swiping from the right to get the charms bar, swiping from the left to switch between apps, pinch to semantic zoom etc.

The app costs $49.99 but at present the company is offering a discount of 50%. So if you are a developer and want to test your Metro styled apps without investing in a Windows 8 tablet, this application is worth a try. Just search for “Win8” in the Google play store and this app appears at the top in the search results.

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