Windows 8 System Restore Screenshot Leaked

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Mar 26th, 2011 inNews

Microsoft’s hard work on Windows 8 is slowly being revealed in a variety of leaked screenshots. The latest is of the new system reset feature allowing a quick restore of the OS within minutes.

The screenshot below is courtesy of

We can see that Windows 8 will provide two options to restore a computer. The first is the common System Restore feature that Microsoft has been using since Windows ME allowing a user to restore their computer to a previous point in time. The second is the new ‘Restore to the original factory settings’ option that will remove all programs installed and restore Windows to its default settings. This feature should significantly cut down on the time required to reinstall Windows 8 while still preserving user files.

This image comes from a Twitter user by the name of AngelWZR and the source is unknown:

Stay tuned as we provide you any late breaking details on Windows 8.

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