Windows 8 Start Screen customization screenshot leaked

A newly formed website, known as has leaked a screenshot of what appears to be the customization options for the Windows 8 start screen. Customization is limited to only changing the colour scheme of the start screen, and not the background image. is a newly formed website which aims to leak information and news about Microsoft’s latest operating system. The website is ran by a user from MyDigitalLife forums, who is known to have close and reliable sources about Microsoft’s Windows 8.

The screenshot shows the customization option for the start screen in Windows 8, and is expected to appear in the Windows 8 Beta. At this time, the only option you can change is the colour scheme of the start screen, and not the background. This may come as a shock to those who thought changing the background was a thing.

WinUnleaked says: The Start Screen personalization lets you change the color scheme but not the background picture.

It is currently unknown if the background will be changeable in a later version of Windows 8, but the beta is looking like it won’t let you use that option.

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