Windows 8 Simulator Beta 1 released, mimics Metro UI look

For those who really do not want to go though all that hassle of downloading and installing the developer preview of Windows 8, this new software is intended to give you a laugh. On top of that, its a nice little play on Windows 8.

Keep in mind that this is a very limited simulator that only offers the ability to browse the web, use Facebook and Twitter, as well as other tools, but you cannot customize the look and you are given a very broad overview of the way the operating system works. Still, it serves as a helpful introduction to the way your next computer will look like.

This program runs as a “virtual copy of Windows 8” in its own little window. After we played with it for a while, it crashed and offered a suggestion for us to use Linux instead. Pretty funny. If you want a quick little laugh, install this simulator.

Mind you, this is not a useful tool, but a tool to offer a quick laugh. In fact, its probably the worst piece of software we’ve ever tried, but you be the judge. Let us know what you think.

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