Windows 8 Screenshots, M3 Wallpaper Leaked

Another day, another series of leaks of Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system. This time, the main wallpaper from the Milestone 3 build has been leaked along with numerous other screenshots of the Windows 8 UI.

Courtesy of ZDNet we have the wallpaper used in the latest M3 build:

The full wallpaper resolution is available here.

ZDNet also reports that “there are Jupiter bits (a new user interface (UI) library for Windows) scattered throughout the OS, as well as signs of Windows 8’s new “Twin UI” via a new DLL aptly named TWINUI.DLL.”

Windows 8 UI elements were leaked on the MDL Forums showcasing the previously seen Windows Live ID integration:

Lastly, yesterday, there was a leak of Windows 8’s new History Vault feature, which seems to follow a similar idea as Apple’s Time Machine allowing users to make continuous backups to external storage of their critical files and restore to previous revisions.

The screenshot for History Vault comes courtesy of

Stay tuned as we keep you posted on any late breaking Windows 8 news.

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