Windows 8 RTM Enterprise x64 post-installation and first experience (video)


For those who have not been following the recent headlines, Windows 8 Release to Manufacturing (RTM) leaked in several variants and Microsoft just recently released the RTM to MSDN/TechNet subscribers. If you are curious to see the post-installation and first experience, take a look at this short video!

The setup experience is very straightforward and didn’t take long at all considering that we installed the official Windows 8 Enterprise RTM (64bit) trial on the latest version of VirtualBox. Windows 8 features a new boot logo as well as an interesting intro video that quickly teaches you how to access the Charms Bar (which is considered by many as the new Start Menu). The video also demonstrates some of the new (and somewhat unnecessary) Start Screen backgrounds and Lock screen images. Will you be purchasing Windows 8 once it is officially in stores? Share your experiences in the comments section below.