Microsoft removes Remote Desktop and more from baseline Windows 8 edition

New screenshots leaked onto the web have revealed that Microsoft has updated the main user interface on the desktop, as well as removing certain desktop apps and programs from Windows 8 “Core” and had them remain only in Windows 8 “Pro”.

The Windows 8 desktop was shown today with a major desktop overhaul. The explorer buttons are flatter, the aero back and forward buttons are no more. Replaced with buttons that look like the ones in Internet Explorer 9 and 10, but without the large back button. It was pretty much evident they would use those buttons, as I had made that assumption almost a year ago when Windows Internet Explorer came out in 2011. The refresh button in Windows Explorer was also updated with the one in Internet Explorer.

Those using Windows 8 Core will no longer be able to join a domain, which means you can’t join a certain network of computers. Another feature removed was Remote Desktop. Those with Home-based computers will now be unable to connect to work computers. This is a big change for Microsoft, but it helps create a fine line between two available retail versions (Core and Pro) instead of 5.

Windows 8 “Pro”

Windows 8 “Core”

It is unknown what features Enterprise has, but it is expected it will be identical to Windows 8 Pro. The latest build is passed 8370 as it was released to Microsoft Connect on May 3rd.

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