Windows 8 Release Preview screenshots leak onto the web, coming in 10 days?

A lot of new Windows 8 information has leaked today, firstly starting with the completion of the Release Preview. Now, we have our first screenshots of the build, and although they don’t show much, the blog does say that the Release Preview is coming in 10 days.

According to Win8China, the Release Preview is coming in 10 days time, which makes the Release Preview launch date the 30th May 2012, instead of the first week of June that Microsoft recently said was happening.

The reason for the early launch may be because the company is ahead of schedule, the Release Preview was recently rumoured to not be compiled until the 24th of May, but it appears the build has been compiled before then.

New screenshots have leaked along with this information:

Remember, we are classing this as a rumour as it could be fake. Read with a grain of salt.

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