Windows 8 Release Candidate to be named the Release Preview?

It seems that Microsoft is fond of the word “preview”, since all releases development of Windows 8 have included the word “preview” in its title. A new report released today claims that the Release Candidate is expected to be called the Release Preview instead, following a similar pattern with the Developer and Consumer Preview.

A new report released today is claiming that Microsoft is planning to name the Windows 8 Release Candidate as the Release Preview, which would follow a similar pattern when it comes to previous releases of the development phase of Windows 8.

So far, we’ve seen the Developer Preview and Consumer Preview. It looks like Microsoft is not only unifying their UI, but their development names too!

This should keep the development phases of Windows 8 pretty neat, we could simply phrase them as the Preview era of Windows 8… Or something.

In our view, there really is no point of this name change, we would all understand if Microsoft named it the Release Candidate. I guess Microsoft are trying to keep their names tidy.

What do you think? Is it worth Microsoft naming the Release Candidate as the Release Preview? Leave your comments below!

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