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Is Windows 8 really that fast?

We all know that Microsoft is working towards making the company's next operating system as fast as possible. In recent videos and demonstrations, we saw just how fast Windows 8 can be. But is it really that fast or is Microsoft just yanking our chains? Lets find out.

The guys over at LifeHacker put together a speed test between Windows 7 and Windows 8 (Dev Preview). Their speed test was based on user experience, rather than synthetic benchmarks. "All tests were performed on a clean installation of the OS, with the same programs installed. Overall, we found both to be pretty similar in performance, with a few exceptions."

The hardware used to run this test was an overclocked 3.8GHz Core i7 machine with 6GB Ram, 2TB HD, Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT, and a Ethernet 20mbps.

"Really, though, most of the scores were close enough that you wouldn't necessarily notice it in your day-to-day work, unless maybe you were on a low-powered machine, where the differences would be greater. Either way, it's nice to know that there definitely aren't any speed decreases in Windows 8."

One big win for Windows 8 is its boot time. We all know the Windows 8 boot time is amazing but according to LifeHacker, the boot time feels unpredictable. In other words, Windows 8 will boot fast and other times it will boot slow. Perhaps this is something that will be fixed before Windows 8 hits manufacturing sometime next year.

Windows 8 is designed to boot faster thanks to the less work done by resuming from a hibernated system session compared to a full system session. You can read more about the new boot features here.

The bottom line? Windows 8 may be slightly faster than Windows 7 in areas such as duplicating, compressing, and uncompressing files, but it is only a mere second difference. Launching an application was said to take the same amount of time in Windows 8 compared to Windows 7. We can all chalk this up to the fact that Windows 8 is still in a developer's preview stage and is expected to only get better over time. Lets hope anyway.

The video below demonstrates the side-by-side test of which operating system boots faster:

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