Windows 8 reaches RTM candidate build 8500, official RTM soon?

It looks like Microsoft is almost finished with Windows 8, according to a source close to Microsoft. The OS has reached build 8500, where apparently the operating system plans to stay, 8500 will be RTM for Windows 8. Strangely, Microsoft will keep building Windows 8, but the build will always be 8500.

The image above shows that Microsoft have compiled more than one build at 8500, and all of them are Escrow except one. We assume the RTM Candidate is one of the builds Microsoft will vote for, since the Windows team have been voting on stable builds to release to the public. Details are sketchy at this moment, we’re not sure if the above is true or not. Take it with a grain of salt.

If the above is true, then we can probably expect to see Windows 8 RTM in August/September for retail, and sooner for OEM’s. The product will probably turn up on TechNet and MSDN before retail as well.

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