Windows 8 reaches build 8187, beta edging ever closer

The Windows 8 beta is just around the corner, and with the development of Windows 8 currently at 8187, it is clear Microsoft are hard at work on bug fixes and feature implementations before the beta.

Windows 8 reaches build 8187, beta edging ever closer - - January 20, 2012

Windows 8 Build 8175 from CES2012

Reported by WinUnleaked, the latest known build of Windows 8 is currently at 8187.0.winmain.120118-1748, which was compiled 2 days ago by the WinMain branch of development.

WinUnleaked also recently leaked a roadmap on how Microsoft are planning to roll out the operating system. Next week should bring the Microsoft development teams into a vote to decide what build of Windows 8 they want to use as the official public beta. January 28th will be the day Microsoft chooses the build of use, and the 30th will bring an internal preview for developers.

The public beta will be arriving this February, but some say a leak is imminent. Since the 30th January is the day developers get to preview Windows 8, people are beginning to speculate whether the build will leak on that day, this is just a rumour and is not confirmed.

Microsoft aim to have build 8200 as the official beta build, and with the current development speed they are working at, it is pretty likely that they will get there in time.

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